More than fifty-five doctors and specialists either misdiagnosed her, or didn’t know how to help her. You’ll want to hang on when you read this one.


Sheila Anthony-Shaw experiences: an unceremonious year as a California beauty queen; being slighted by the love of her life days after losing their unborn child; a heartless doctor who rather remove her reproduction organs than address her ruptured appendix, and driving alone across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge without being able to use the gas, or brake pedals in her car.  


How she overcame these events—and others—will echo down through the ages.

Through her high points and low points, at no point was God not there. You’ll laugh, cry, and gasp. But you’ll also be inspired beyond measure.

"An absolute, must-read. I smiled and got chills reading Sheila's story. It is one that resonates with touching memories of an African American woman in White America. Yet, there are areas of Sheila's life that are relevant to ALL of our lives. She captured that common heartbeat."  

Carla Lawson, California

"The topics the book covers are relatable to me as a reader; and the responses to the situations are so remarkably different than most people would do. All and all, these elements make the memoir remarkably, unique!"  

Demetra Adams Davis, FL



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